Marlon Wayans Encourages Howard University Students to Stay Inspired

Photo credit: Braxton Parr

Photo credit: Braxton Parr

Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans encouraged students to pursue their dreams during a forum on Friday, March 21 in the School of Social Work Auditorium.

A native of New York City, Wayans attended Howard University in 1992 for two years before pursuing his acting career. In his remarks, he said that Howard taught him how to be responsible and strengthened his network of life-long friends. With more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, he encouraged current students to master their craft.

“There is nothing more that I wish for everyone in this world than to do something that they love,” said Wayans. “But you have to learn the art, science, business and politics of whatever field you do. Then you can be successful at it.”

Also a recognized screenwriter and director, Wayans is the youngest of ten siblings, with many of them being established figures in the entertainment industry. He is known for co-writing and starring in the horror spoof Scary Movie (2000) and the comedy White Chicks (2004). Wayans’ latest project, A Haunted House 2, which he co-wrote and produced, will hit theaters on April 18.

Wayans hopes that the conversation will inspire students to follow their passion and never give up.

“You have to learn to be your own the coach,” he said. “You can do anything that you will yourself to do. You only fail when you quit trying.”


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