PHOTO-A-DAY: Barcelona

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Barcelona was one of the most beautiful countries that I had the pleasure of visiting. Everything about it made my eyes tingle. Unfortunately Barcelona was my shortest trip, as I only had one full day there. We arrived in the afternoon on Sunday and I left on Tuesday afternoon. But even still I had an amazing time there. From strolling La Rumbla to sinking my toes in the sand on Barceloneta Beach, watching an authentic Flamenco show to seeing the entire city on top of Park Guell. Barcelona was a dream.

One of the highlights of my trip was learning about Barcelona’s rich history during a three hour walking tour. I learned more about the eccentric artist Dali, Franco and the Spanish Civil War, futbol (American soccer) more of a religion than a sport, Human Castle Building as a sport, and the forced Catholic conversion where the Jews and Muslims had to convert or leave. We saw Plaça Sant Felip Neri where the buildings are still damaged from the war and the very spot that Christopher Columbus brought the first Native Americans from the new world. By just walking around Barcelona, you wouldn’t understand the significance of the city and you’d overlook its true beauty.

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