PHOTO-A-DAY: Morocco

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Words can’t describe the love that I have for Morocco. From drinking mint tea to exploring Jemma Square (Marrakech’s Times Square), climbing one of the tallest waterfalls in Africa to meeting the nicest people I have ever met — Morocco was a dream.

The highlight of my trip was riding a camel. My roommates have laughed at me all semester because I talked about riding a camel since the semester began and my dreams finally came true! The camel ride was pleasant although I may have creeped the tour guide out by talking to the camels (don’t judge me I was excited). Since that day, I have become obsessed with camels. As a believer in the Law of Attraction, I believe that I have attracted camels into my life since then because I see them EVERYWHERE. I even have a camel figurine collection (HEY I SAID DON’T JUDGE! 🙂 )

Going to Morocco was my favorite trip because I was fully immersed into their culture. I didn’t really feel like a tourist there even though I was only there for three days. The Moroccan people welcomed us with open arms, even yelling out Obama, Rasta (because of our braids) and beautiful Americans as we walked past. It was unreal. It amazed me that people who had so much less than Americans, could be so much happier than us, as depicted by their openness and friendliness. The people that we met had to work hard for what they had and it was obvious that they appreciated it more than most. Morocco was a humbling and eye-opening experience and while I was happy to be there for a few days, I know with all of my heart that I will be back.

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