Photo-A-Day: Amsterdam

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When I think about my trip to Amsterdam, “A Whole New World” from Aladdin plays in my head. Based on the things that I had heard about the city, I knew that it would be different but I didn’t expect it to be so …. different.

While I’m driven and ambitious, I am also very free spirited. I believe that people should be able to live as they would like to as long as they don’t hurt other people. And I learned that the business-minded Dutch have the same philosophy.

In Amsterdam prostitution is legal. While it may not be morally appealing, selling sex is a business and it is some women’s job. Visiting the Red Light District was an eye opening experience. The women, with their risqué outfits, sat in the illuminated trying to entice customers. The fact that there were so many women openly offering sexual services was completely mindboggling. But I can’t judge their lifestyle.

Being in the actual house where Anne Frank wrote her diary during the Nazi’s invasion of Amsterdam was monumental. It was unreal to think that a family could be confined in that little narrow house for over two years.

This was by far one of my favorite trips this semester. I fell in love with Mr. Amsterdam.

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