PHOTO-A-DAY: Liverpool



I only spent about 24 hours in Liverpool but I was able to experience so much! The main thing I knew about Liverpool prior to my trip was that it was home of the Beatles. While I was visiting with my friend Cait, we stopped by the Beatles Story museum and the Cavern Club, a bar that became famous after the legendary group performed over 250 times during their rise to fame. Despite the fact that I didn’t grow up listening to the Beatles, I really enjoyed the museum. It included a replica of the Cavern Club, clips of Beatlemania, a display of Abbey Studios and timelines depicting the highlights of their fame.  I learned a lot about the Beatles and gained a newfound respect for them as a group and individuals.

Visiting the International Slavery Museum changed my outlook on the city, allowing me to see that there is so much more history and culture besides the Beatles. Liverpool was the capital of the transatlantic slave trade; millions of slaves were transported to North and South America on the very docks that I was walking on in Liverpool. It was interesting to read and see the impact that slavery had from an international spectrum, and not just the dominance that it had on America. I really appreciated that the exhibit was so thorough – it covered everything from the transatlantic slave trade to slavery in America to the Civil Rights Movement to present day (including current forms of slavery such as human trafficking and child labor)

This trip also helped me see the unique traits of staying in a hostel. People shared horror stories based on the film Hostel, so I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived. But the hostel was one of the best parts! We stayed in a room with 4 other women; all who were from different places – Australia, Brazil and Poland.  It was interesting because they were all traveling alone and were there for different reasons. It definitely changed my perspective on traveling — as long as you have somewhere to lay your head, that’s all that matters.

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