Howard University Recreates Pharrell’s “Happy” Video


College can be stressful but a group of Howard University film students found a way to respark school spirit after a trying semester. They recently released their version of Pharrell Williams’s Oscar-nominated “Happy” video to encourage the HU community to let go of the stress and smile at the simple things in life.

“Through all of the stress, you just have to shake it off,” said Maia Miller, a senior film major at Howard and the mastermind behind #HappyProjectHU. “After watching this video, I just want people to let go of the hostility, regroup and prepare for their next journey.”

This video hits home, not only because it’s at Howard and I have a cameo (see 3:30), but because my roommate is the mastermind behind the project. After Thanksgiving break she excitedly told me about the video concept and I watched her bring her vision to life. She recruited a video team, secured #HAPPYBISON dancers and got clearance from the Office of University Communications all in a week. I am so proud of her for working so hard to promote positivity using her natural talent!

Check out the video below!


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