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Like many I’ve known who Terrence J was since he was on BET’s 106 – n – Park. I followed as Terrence and Roxy won the audition to be the new hosts after Big Tigger and Jalseea left. Seeing how far he came and tracking his journey to success on a larger scale is inspirational. Terrence’s road to stardom shows the benefits of faith, consistency and hard work, as comedian Spoken Reasons would say.

Terrence J went from cohosting 106 – n- Park to coanchoring E! Tonight.  He went from acting on the small screen on The Game and Keeping up with the Kardashians to hitting the box office in Think Like a Man and Baggage Claim. He has been active in the community and has added  ”author” to his list of titles. Terrence has accomplished so much since he left his comfort zone at BET and moved on to reach even greater heights.

Yesterday, to promote his new book, “The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom” (which I think is a great title), Terrance J went back to his community in North Carolina. He brought along popular blogger Necole Bitchie and shared #alifeinthedayofTerranceJ on Instagram. I woke up at 6am to see a post from Necole of a box of BoJangles, a staple restaurant of the South, and it immediately caught my attention. Throughout the day I noticed Necole and Terrance posting photos and videos of Terrence promoting at radio stations, speaking at high schools and performing with his fraternity brothers at his alma mata North Carolina A&T. Terrence went into complete promotion mode with a creative social media strategy and tactic worth raving about. As a PR major, I can really appreciate well thought out social media engagement and I must say that Necole Bitchie, Terrance and whoever else involved in this PR strategy to promote Terrance’s new book did an excellent job.

I can’t wait to read “The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom” after Oct. 1. I’m just waiting for my pre-ordered copy in the mail! 🙂

I admire and respect Terrance J so much. He is inspiration for all people who are following their dreams. Dreams are meant to come true.

Check out the pics below. All photos courtesy of Necole Bitchie’s Instagram.

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