Summer ’13 Highlights

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This summer, I thought I would intern in a big city, like NYC or DC, but at home in Atlanta was exactly where I needed to be. My summer went by in the blink of an eye. Three months felt more like three weeks. But I enjoyed every bit of it – the ups and the downs because was been such an amazing growing experience.

Here are some of my Summer ’13 highlights:

– Being 21. So far being 21 has been incredible! It’s more than being able to legally drink for me but it has gotten me so optimistic about my future. Since I turned 21, I’ve felt limitless… there’s nothing in the world that I can’t accomplish!

– Meeting Randall Stephenson, the CEO of AT&T. An intern meeting the CEO of a Fortune 500? When does this happen? It was a random but cherished opportunity that I got because I attended a company event. It pays off to know what’s going on at your internship!


– Interning at AT&T for the second summer. AT&T is such an amazing company to work for, so to intern there two summers was  a great opportunity. And I used my internship last summer to lead to ways to improve my internship this year.

– Networking. I really learned the importance of informational interviews and unconventional networking tactics this summer. From connecting with people on LinkedIn to contacting employees on the internal social media sites at my internship. building these genuine relationships have already been beneficial to the progression of my career and adulthood.

– Gaining a few mentors. Byron and Tiffani are my official mentors and they have an integral part of my professional growth. For once I have mentors who I know really care about my future and are genuinely trying to help me prosper. They shared their experiences – the good, bad and the ugly – to help me learn from their career journey. I couldn’t have asked for two better role models. I also met a woman named Eartha at AT&T who literally took me under her wing and gave me more advice than I was ready to handle! She is absolutely incredible and really has a passion to give back.  And through networking, I made a few more contacts who are also willing to serve as unofficial mentors – offering words of wisdom and advice whenever necessary. That is exactly what I need right now.


Learning the value of INROADS. Until this summer, I didn’t realize how great of an opportunity INROADS was and how fortunate I was to get placed in an internship, especially with one at such an established corporation. I built relationship with the staff, alumni and other interns and I truly acknowledged how blessed I am to be a part of that network.


Traveling. I didn’t travel too much this summer since I went across the world early in the year but I went to Mississippi, Alabama, Connecticut and NYC …. All expenses paid, I might add.

Becoming and AIFS Alumni Ambassador. Being selected out of slightly under one hundred applicants to become one of the 22 Alumni Ambassadors for my study abroad program was such a blessing. I am so excited to encourage Howard students to study abroad! And this is how I went to Connecticut and NYC! It’s been a great experience all ready!


Learning about the Law of Attraction. My brother has been telling me about this universal law for some time now but I finally began to understand it after applying it to my life. Reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne really changed my mindset and helped me develop a more positive outlook on life.

– Spending quality time with my family. My family don’t often do things as a family. My goal was to make a change while I was at home for the summer. I started to do things with my mom, like going to church and exploring downtown Atlanta.  Then slowly but surely I started spending more time with everyone in my immediate family. I’m so glad that I was able to.

– Spiritual growth. My relationship with God and spiritual journey has taken off this summer. It is at a place that I never thought could exist. I started regularly attending church with my parents after I returned from London and began to really feel more connected with Him.

– Abraham Ministries Christian Life Center. Every Sunday I came home feeling re-energized… ready to do things that only God could have instilled in me to do.

Alone time. I spent most of this summer alone with my thoughts and I couldn’t have asked for it any other way. Sometimes my brain hurt because I was thinking about so much. I unlocked another side of myself that I never even knew existed. I began to connect the dots in my life and see my future in another light. I feel limitless after this summer. There is truly nothing that I can’t do because I have a family supporting me, a few selective friends backing me, a growing professional network and a God that has a plan for me greater than my mind could ever envision.

My summer of enlightenment was so much greater than I could have imagined!


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