Summer Bucket List – Revisited



I didn’t cross everything off my bucket list but I accomplished a few of my goals… Especially the most important ones 🙂 

– Get license or permit 

– Save money 

– Beach trip with Melissa and Courtney 

– Lose 20 pounds

*I haven’t weighed myself yet… There is still hope

– Spiritual growth 

– Find a mentor 

– Attend PR networking events

– Go to the MLK Center 

– Be in audience at Family Feud 

– Family bowling outing 

– Mentor a high school student 

– Research grad schools  (I decided that I dont want to go to grad school yet)

– Drive in movie theater 

– White Water 

– Paintballing 

– Random Act of Kindness

– Play at a playground 

– Water balloon fight 

– Learn to sew 

– Piedmont Park 

– Make sangrias with mom and listen to oldies (does playing Scrabble and listening to Justin Timberlake count?)

– Find an official Summer 2013 song (“I Was Here” by Beyonce!)

– Stone Mountain laser show 

– Drag show

– Comedy club 

– Spoken word venue 

– Finish reading “Souls of Sisters”

– Mediate once a week 


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