Summer ’13 Reflection


I start classes on Monday so I had to write an end of summer reflection during my last few days of freedom. My summer went by in the blink of an eye. Three months felt more like three weeks. But I enjoyed every bit of it – the ups and the downs because it has been such an amazing growing experience. During my 21st summer, I learned more about my capabilities,

– Interning at AT&T and meeting Randall Stephenson, the CEO of AT&T

– Networking my butt off with informational interviews

– Being 21. So far being 21 has been incredible. Melissa, Courtney and I ventured off to a few places in Atlanta including Glenn Sky Lounge and the Daquiri Factory in addition to having the best birthday celebration for Courtney’s 21st! I also just went out and did random things like paintballing. Hey why not? YOLO lol.

– Gaining a few mentors. Byron and Tiffani are my official mentors and they have an integral part of my professional growth. For once I have mentors who I know really care about my future and are genuinely trying to help me prosper. They shared their experiences – the good, bad and the ugly – to help me learn from their career journey. I couldn’t have asked for two better role models. I also met a woman named Eartha at AT&T who literally took me under her wing and gave me more advice than I was ready to handle! She is absolutely incredible. And through networking, I made a few more contacts who are also willing to serve as unofficial mentors – offering words of wisdom and advice whenever necessary. That is exactly what I need right now.

Learning the value of INROADS. I didn’t realize how great of an opportunity that INROADS is and how fortunate I am to get placed in an internship until this summer. I built relationship with the staff, alumni and other interns and I truly acknowledged how blessed I am to be a part of that network.

Becoming and AIFS Alumni Ambassador. Being selected out of slightly under one hundred applicants to become one of the 22 Alumni Ambassadors for my study abroad program was such a blessing. I am so excited to encourage Howard students to study abroad.

– Traveling. I didn’t travel too much this summer since I went across the world early in the year but I went to Mississippi, Alabama, Connecticut and NYC …. All for free. 🙂 

Learning about the Law of Attraction. My brother has been telling me about this universal law for some time now but I finally began to understand it after applying it to my life. Reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne really changed my mindset and helped me develop a more positive outlook on life.

More hope for a male partner. I didn’t quite find summer romance. But I met a few guys this summer who helped me envision what I want my male partner to be like. They gave me hope that someday, when the time is right, I will find someone who will love me as much as I will love them. Three guys in particular, who shall remain nameless, taught me that there is someone who is compatible with me in every single aspect. I just haven’t met him yet. But I’m willing to wait.

– Spending time with my family. For once we did things as a family like going out to eat and bowling. My mom and I went to picnics and ventured off into Atlanta a few times. My entire family bonded over the newest addition to our family – my future nephew in law Deshon.  I continued to strengthen my relationship with my brother and my mother in particular. Our opinionated debates about everything under the sun including the law of attraction, the influence of the media and differences between each of our generations are some of the most memorable moments of my summer. I also built an unexpected relationship with my brother’s girlfriend and learned that even behind the widest smiles lies the darkest pain. She taught me that you really never know someone’s story until they trust you enough to open up. I really like her.

– Spiritual growth. My relationship with God is at a place that I never thought could exist. I have always believed that He has been real and has helped me throughout the years. But this summer I learned to trust in Him more than ever before. I know for certain that He will never let me down and that everything that happens in my life is a part of His plan. My trust in Him has reached another level and I have learned to just give my problems, concerns and worries to Him and He will surely send me a blessing.

– Abraham Ministries Christian Life Center. I never truly felt like I had a church home until I started regularly going to church with my parents. We attend a small church – so small that it is in someone’s home. But I have never felt so loved in church before. Our Pastor and First Lady are two of the most giving and thoughtful people that I have met. They have transformed my parents so much and has helped my family in more ways that I can thank them for. We truly have a church family. In addition, I never truly understood a pastor until I started going to this church. Pastor Zachery is personable and hilarious and really helps me apply the things in the Bible to my life. He breaks things down to the simplest form and keeps my attention like no other. Every Sunday I came home feeling re-energized… ready to do things that only God could have instilled in me to do. I owe them so much because a large part of my spiritual growth was because of them.

Alone time. I spent most of this summer alone with my thoughts and I couldn’t have asked for it any other way. Sometimes my brain hurt because I was thinking about so much. I unlocked another side of myself that I never even knew existed. I began to connect the dots in my life and see my future in another light. I feel limitless after this summer. There is truly nothing that I can’t do because I have a family supporting me, a few selective friends backing me, a growing professional network and a God that has a plan for me greater than my mind could ever envision.

My summer of enlightenment was a blessing to say the least. 


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