Homeless to Howard


Hearing the story of a student who beat the odds and went from being homeless to enrolling in my institution was inspirational to say the least. James’ determination, work ethic and positive outlook along with a supportive network got him out of a situation that most people could never imagine experiencing. He knew that being homeless was only a temporary situation and that he controlled his future.

This story hits close to home for a few reasons, the obvious being that James is beginning a journey at Howard that I will be ending next May. But aside from that, it makes me even more thankful to have a full scholarship to college. I probably would have never thought of such a creative idea — to start an online fundraising campaign to raise money for college. But thank God that I don’t have to. Stories like this, and the students who have to work their way through college reminds me to never take my scholarship for granted. I am extremely blessed.

I am glad that so many people found out about James’ fundraiser and donated to help him attend the illustrious Howard University. There is so many negative stories in the news so it is refreshing to know that someone has found a way to beat poverty and pave a better life for himself and his family.

 Welcome to the Bison family James. 

This story even made national headlines. Check out the full story here: http://www.today.com/news/fundraising-helps-teen-go-homeless-howard-u-6C10945702


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