Study Abroad Reflection

Personal Development, Traveling

When people ask me how my study abroad experience went, I don’t know what to say. One word can’t possibly capture what these last four months have been. Studying abroad in London was THE BEST DECISION that I have ever made. Looking back, I am so glad that I applied to the program and even more proud of myself for being so open minded along the journey.

I have been told that people rarely travel and say that they didn’t enjoy themselves. And I can personally attest to that claim. I was able to visit six countries, one being on another continentand I had the best time ever. I saw landmarks that many will only see in pictures. It felt like my history book and atlas came to life when I was traveling! Every time I was in a new place, I would stop and think, “Wow I’m in Paris/Amsterdam/Morocco/Barcelona/Vienna/London.” Me. Little ole Teyonna. Each time felt unreal, like it was an outer body experience.

I’ve been bit by the travelling bug since being abroad and I am confident that I will continue to explore the world. It is a must. There is so much more out there for me to see and experience. And just like having the opportunity to study abroad, God will continue to bless me and ensure that I see the world as long as I do my part.

The abundance of knowledge that I acquired while abroad is without compare. It’s funny because people always ask me if I even went to class while I was in London. While I learned a few things in the classroom, the majority of my learning took place outside of Richmond, the American International University. Each day, I felt myself growing as a person from a cultural, emotional, spiritual and personal standpoint.

The people that I met and the places that I traveled to molded me into a better woman. After being abroad, I have a firmer sense of my purpose, passions and potential. I have always been ambitious, but now more than ever, I have no limits. If I can go to a foreign country for four months, barely knowing anyone and have the time of my life, there is honestly nothing that I CAN’T do.

I celebrated my 21st birthday while abroad and even though I wasn’t with my close friends and family, London was the best place to be in during this monumental moment. Being in London on my special day made me realize that this is just the beginning of the amazing things that I will accomplish. I’m excited for my future and thankful for the opportunities that I have been awarded. I take none of this for granted. Thank You God.


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