Dear Summer



I must admit, I’ve been slightly dreading meeting you. You were so mysterious and spontaneous which is contrary to my belief that you should have been planned in full detail. I still don’t know what to expect from you. But now that we have met, I can’t ignore the fact that you are a part of my life. I can no longer act like you aren’t real.

I want these next few months to be a time for personal growth that I have never experienced before. I don’t know what you have in store for me, but I hope that it leads to inner expansion.

 I hope to carve a better me – physically, spiritually, professionally and personally. My goal is to get in shape – I’m not saying that I will lose a ton of weight, but I want to feel better which will allow me to look slimmer in time. It will not be easy, as I have started trying to get into shape a few unsuccessful times, but this is the summer of possibilities isn’t it?

I will say that I am proud of my spiritual growth thus far. But there is so much room for improvement. I want to become more familiar with the Bible and continue to go to church every Sunday (if possible). I want to interpret each message into my own life and reflect on the sermon by writing my thoughts and ideas. I will continue to pray, as that has been something instilled in me, but pray not only for myself but for individual people and their situations.

I know what I want to do with my life but I have no clue how to get there. Professional growth is definitely in order this summer as I aspire to network with people who will propel me in the right direction. I hope to acquire a true mentor by the end of my time with you. One who will truly guide me through my professional career and invest time in our relationship. I want the type of mentor who is more than a professional mentor, but a confidant and a role model. I would also like to expand my online presence to improve my work experience. I aim to offer my services to nonprofits or start-up companies to gain writing and PR experience.

From a personal standpoint, I want to continue discovering who I am. I don’t have my best friend/partner in crime around for the next few months so this is the time for me to spread my wings. It will be great to meet other people and see who else I can vibe with. If a summer romance is in the picture, that would be lovely. But I don’t want to force anything that just isn’t meant to be.

This is the summer of endless possibilities. Since you didn’t begin the way that I wanted, I only hope that in a few months, I will look back and be thankful for your outcome. Reflecting back on last summer, it was so much different than I thought it would be and was one of the biggest learning experiences that I have ever had. I don’t know what is in store for these next few months, but I only hope that you propel me one step closer to my dreams.




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