Following my Passion



I think I know what I was destined to do but I have no clue how to get there. The thing about being a communications major is that there is not a defined blueprint to propel your career. If you want to be a doctor, you know that you have to finish undergrad, take the MCAT, go to medical school and a few other things – but that is the overall way to become a doctor. As a journalism major, there are so many routes that one can take to get where they would like to be and no two roads are the same.

My dream job is to work for a major entertainment company or organization and create campaigns and events surrounding social and political issues. Companies such as MTV, BET, Nickeloden, Disney, etc. have such a major influence on their audience. I aspire to use their influence to positively impact the lives of their audience. I envision propelling events like the BET HBCU College Tour, UNCF’s Empower Me Tour and MTVU’s Campus Invasion Tour in addition to launching my own programs.

This career path will allow me to blend my love for entertainment, community involvement and communications. These major corporations and other organizations owe it to their supporters to uplift and encourage them whenever they can. If a child receives a personalized phone call from Justin Beiber or Nicki Minaj encouraging them to stay in school and out of trouble, I guarantee that it will be more effective than what their parents tell them. Kids idolize some of these celebrities and some will do whatever they say. So why not use that influence, use that impact, use that power, for greater good. It’s pure genius if you ask me.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to get there. I see it all in my head but I don’t know the proper steps that will launch my career. In school, I am being prepared for a career in corporate communications or working at a PR Firm. I am well aware of the steps that it will take to work at one of these entities – intern, intern, intern – but that’s not the route that I want to take. My dream job isn’t even directly apart of public relations – I have learned that it is more corporate social responsibility.

So I am stuck. I have a bunch of internships to apply to at PR firms but I know in my heart that is not what I want to do – it is what I have been told to do. This summer is crucial because many companies hire interns full time after they complete their senior year. I don’t really know where to turn right now but I am hoping that through prayer, faith and reaching out to my network, I will get an internship that will reflects my expected career path.

I just want to make a difference in the world.


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